About Equilibrium Networks

Equilibrium Networks was started to transform research conducted in the US Department of Defense and intelligence community into technology for organizations facing the most demanding security challenges. We are a privately-held Delaware corporation, headquartered in Northern Virginia and committed to delivering products that meet the highest standards of innovation and transparency.

About our products

Equilibrium’s patent-pending product suite is the only network monitoring solution that allows you to view traffic in real time and replay modes and with automatic alert capabilities. Our analytic framework can scale beyond 10 Gbps per processor core, while our data consolidation and visualization techniques can operate at any bandwidth. Our technology emerged from nearly a decade of effort combining research in the physics and mathematics of complex systems with operational experience in the most demanding network security environments.

Equilibrium's free/open source and proprietary source-available licensing options give you the ability to see what's happening on your network–and to see how your security platform actually works.


By separating data acquisition and storage issues from its analytical and visualization engines, our technology provides a flexible, long-term solution to problems requiring the analysis of massive sets of transactions. Methods from physics and mathematics inform our products: e.g. the renormalization group technique in statistical physics for data consolidation and visualization, and information theory and stochastic processes are at the heart of traffic characterization techniques that we have successfully used. Our technology provides a substrate for future development and continued innovation.

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Get our free/open source software and papers about our framework on our downloads page.