Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If you have patents relating to your software, is it really "free/open source"?
A: Our intellectual property policy is simple. We believe that software patents often hurt innovation, and our policy is to not enforce any patents pending or granted to us with respect to free/open-source software that we release. However, we reserve the right to enforce patents relating to software we provide under a license that is not free/open-source, or to infringing third-party software.

Q: Your software sounds like Therminator. Is it?
A: No. While our technical leadership played a key role in research and development on Therminator for the better part of a decade, we found that its visualization and traffic profiling algorithms left much to be desired in practical situations, and the basic nature of our data structures and algorithms was developed with the express intent to make a system that non-researchers could benefit from. The result is a much more intuitive, useful and scalable framework.

Q: Do you offer discounted research licensing for your enterprise software?
A: We are committed to transparency and innovation in our products, and we recognize that such licensing is an important part of this commitment. That said, proprietary concerns mandate that we evaluate requests for research licensing on a case-by-case basis. Generally, we expect to honor qualified requests for such licensing from any reputable research institution, provided that appropriate intellectual property safeguards can be agreed upon. By the same token, we can provide discounted licensing in exchange for implementing extensions to our platform.

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