Security through science

Equilibrium’s software is designed to give you confidence in your network security posture. Our technology emerged from nearly a decade of effort combining research in the physics and mathematics of complex systems with operational experience in the most demanding network security environments. This technology provides unmatched visibility into your network beyond what dashboards or reports can offer, and results in less time spent looking at log files. Linking this visibility to interactive alert configurations results in fewer false negatives. Advanced traffic profiling algorithms result in fewer false positives. Combining all this results in security through science.

Free/open source features
• Rich traffic analysis and profiling framework for IP traffic at layers 3 and 4
• Advanced interactive 2D visualization to take in all network traffic at a glance and drill down to individual packets
• Replay interface for seamless transition between real-time monitoring and review of network behavior
• Analysis and visualization framework designed to scale to arbitrary link speeds

Enterprise features
• Concise, fully interactive 3D view of traffic
• Matrix alert selector for intuitive network behavior analysis alerts
• Nonlinear replay with range sliders
• Attractive licensing and source code options
• Fuser to enable sensor parallelism*
• MATLAB emulation tools for rapid prototyping and integration*

*Experimental; available separately

How to order

Contact us for pricing and details. Please note that our enterprise software is not available for export. We can provide discounted licenses for institutional research purposes, as well as in exchange for implementing extensions of our platform.

Free/open-source code

Now available on our downloads page.

System overview
thumbnailSee our poster from VizSec

Our visual traffic analysis system is designed for flexibility, scalability, and ease of use. Detailed technical documents are available on our downloads page.